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Default No way to victory but over the Jew!

Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
continued, article by Jew libeled by adL

"..When the Bund staged a rally in New York's Madison
Square Garden on February 20, 1939, the Trotskyist Socialist
Workers Party called a counter-demonstration. Fifty-thousand Jews
and others fought a five hour street battle with the cops, who
protected the Jew-haters. But the night belonged to the
demonstrators. The 20,000 Nazis and Coughlanites would have been
mauled if the police weren't present."
It has happened before in America and White "Jew-haters" in such large numbers, with cops on their side, no less, vs. Trotskyite kikes can and will happen again. White America will finally have had a bellyful of treacherous kikes and their shabbos goy collaborators like Bush and Clinton running thieir nation and will take back their own destiny. Had Rosenvelt and his cabal of New York/Hollywood/Washington interventionist Semites not managed to successfully demonize the Reich, claiming anti-Semitism and sedition against patriots like Coughlin, Lindbergh, Pound, Pelley, and those leading the German Bund, etc., America would have never entered WWII and turned the tide against Germany, the most successful fighters of Jewish communism in history. Americans will realize as we do that our country fought on the wrong side in WWII, that it was the Jew that won that war, not the Allies.