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Machinations of the Anti-Defamation League

Paul “Pete” McCloskey

A former US Congressman tells how his long career in law, politics, academic life, and the US Marine Corps led him to mistrust governmental official history, and to esteem the mission of the IHR. McCloskey relates what he has learned in his role as lead attorney in an ongoing class action suit that targets the ADL's vast spy operation, in concert with corrupt police officials in America and Israeli spy and police agen*cies, against American citizens. Inside information on how the Zionist lobby torpedoed his political career (and those of other loyal Americans); on how Jewish pressure prevented Stan*ford University from hiring world-class historian Norman Davies; on how, and why, the Lobby works the way it does. A witty, wise, enlightening presentation -- from the 13th IHR Conference (May 2000) -- by a contemporary rarity: a coura*geous, thoughtful, and independent man in public life. Here