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Originally Posted by Rounder
And, "there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see."

One Florida soccermom who received a TAA was quoted in a Florida newspaper as calling it "psychological terrorism." What she really meant was that TAA truths and realities scared the shit out of her.

TAA 3 btw, is gonna scare the shit out of more soccermoms and girli-men than all previous editions combined. Oh, glory days !!!

(How many copies should I put you down for, Will?)
Since I know that special orders don't upset you, a check for $64 will be in the mail to you Monday for 400 TAAs #3. Send me 50 and 350 to Alex for distribution in Kirksville by him and whomever else signs on to help him get them out. Thanks to the ADL and their shabbos goy useful idiots, Kirksville will be a flashpoint of VNN activity in the coming weeks.

In line with the comments of that Florida soccer mom, a Raleigh TV newsreader once commented on some literature I and my comrades had distributed there with this: "The reason these people are so dangerous is because they come across as so reasonable and rational." No shit, Sherlock!
And those we are trying to reach respond to reasonable, rational White folks who stand up and consistently articulate what they have been feeling but never hear from newsreading media whores.