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Default Alarm in the ghetto Dortmund-Nord

Roma fleeing the poverty of Romania and Bulgaria to the Ruhr. There are growing up real slums. With streets full of poverty, crime and violence.

In the northern city of Dortmund is a café, it says: "Europe". Visitors to the "Café Europa", learn a lot about the continent. About EU citizens who want to escape the poverty of the home and land in major German cities. In streets full of poverty, crime and violence, which says the president of the police union (DPolG) in North Rhine-Westphalia: "My colleagues face great obstacles against, there to master the situation." It's ghettos in the middle of Germany.

Everything that a ghetto is, north of the Dortmund main station available: The early days house whose windows two years ago flew the Bulgarian prostitutes. Your Free she had thrown from the fifth floor. The garbage houses, from which eight members of Romanian families disappear overnight - 200 euros, the landlord had previously conceded, per month, per mattress. And there is the working stroke before Europe Café, where are those that do not actually exist in the Official German, because German authorities for good reasons not to differentiate ethnic groups in the unemployment statistics, performance related, crime. There are Roma.
Poverty strikes poverty

When the EU recorded 2007, Bulgaria and Romania as members in the year, the idea was already there: that these countries where the poorest Roma live in forests, may not yet be at eye level. The collapse of the socialist state systems, the Roma were at least prepared: Under communism them work activities and education was prescribed simple. When, after the turn of the plants died and the state apartments were for sale, lost the first Roma workplace and residence.



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