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Default Roma Culture makes victims

Perdiep Ramesar and Martijn Roessingh - 10/18/13, 09:00

Among Roma are not only many victims of trafficking due to poverty, but also because of the internal precepts and moral codes of their community. Concludes a study by Utrecht University in collaboration with the National Unit of the National Police.

According to researcher Annemiek Dul, children from an early age to be considered to contribute to the income of the family, and women should make themselves fully subordinate to the ambitions of their husbands. Therefore it is quite normal for children to beg or steal - which they donate all revenue - and young women do not own choice when it comes to work in prostitution.

Dul describes the culture of the Roma as collectivist and closed. In a lot of research into the causes of criminal behavior continue according to its specific cultural factors as discussed, partly because of fear of being accused of discrimination. But according Dul is necessary to be on cultural factors behind human trafficking and other forms of crime, as they can be. These otherwise not properly addressed open The researcher based its findings on interviews with experts and victims from the Eastern European Roma community. She now gives courses to police and gendarmerie on the subject.

The Coordination Trafficking, Netherlands that all suspected victims of trafficking records, notes for years large numbers of victims from countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Last year there were 630. The agency estimates that 40 to 80 percent of them of Roma origin and that they almost always are put in prostitution in the Netherlands to work.

Today, the European Anti-Trafficking Day. In this context, in Rotterdam opened a photo exhibition in which ordinary looking buildings in Paris are set where trafficking was to take place.