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Default Council of Europe blazing over Roma messages

October 24, 2013 Last Updated October 24, 11:46

STRASBOURG (Reuters) - The current coverage of Roma demonizes this population. She spreads the ancient negative myth about Roma as kidnappers of children.

This enables the international human rights organization Council of Europe in Strasbourg Thursday. The body responds to the international media reports on blonde children who are taken away from Roma families in Greece and Ireland.

Irresponsible reporting
According to the council is about irresponsible reporting which could affect the lives of millions of Roma. Enormous consequences It can fuel to the fire for the already widespread violent anti-Roma movements.

The Board approves it off the media emphasize that it is the Roma families. It feeds the myth that Roma are criminals by nature. This demonization is both wrong and dangerous, according to the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council, Nils Muižnieks. He asks journalists reluctant to posts.