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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
I don't like being rude to people, especially neighbors. So I'm not going to walk up to a random Christian and tell them their god is a dead jew on a stick unless I feel like they're disrespecting me. If they guy would have just agreed not to place any more leaflets on my doorstep, I would have left it at that.
I believe very much in manners. That might not be apparent from the style I use here, but I do. In public, I don't go after anyone. Now, if they are on a soapbox, then they're open to counters. If they come by my door, and I'm in a mood, I'll have a round with them. One doesn't press one's political views on other people in public, one mind's one's own business - and one protects one's rights, jealously. People with nothing to express believe in self-expression. People who are maturally mentally control themselves in public. Self-control makes for a superior society.

I came to a point in life many years ago, where I got tired of being shit on. And that means if I have a problem with something, then that person will know about it. To me, giving that christian an ass chewing is the same thing as giving a co-worker an ass chewing over borrowing my tools and not putting them back where they found them.
If they're aggressive, then by all means, one has a duty to go after them. If they're simply canvassing or out in public, what they do is their business. If they're being overtly political, then yes, I will go after them if what they are doing is socially destructive, as it often, but not always, is.