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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Fair enough. I agree the co-worker is absolutely being disrespectful, but did you perceive the guy leaving the religious pamphlets as shitting on you as well? I guess it comes down to a matter of degrees. Not saying you were right or wrong in the way you handled it, I wasn't there.
Yeah, I felt like he disrespected me. Like I said, if he would have agreed to not leave anymore leaflets on my doorstep I would have left it at that. But instead of was dead set on preaching buy-bull to me after I hinted to him in as respectful of a way as I could that I didn't care.

Serious question (I'm not attempting to flame you): Would you call yourself an "angry" guy? Do you think others who know you would describe you that way? I'm just curious.

For me, I've found ass chewings are a last resort, and are best used strategically.
I'm not an angry guy at all. Sometimes the quickest way to solve a social problem is to let people know that you have a problem. 9 times out of 10, the problem is solved. Whiners are the ones who bitch to other people, men are the ones that take their problems to the people they have a problem with directly.

Some people might think I'm an asshole, but that usually depends on how they've treated me.