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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I believe very much in manners. That might not be apparent from the style I use here, but I do. In public, I don't go after anyone. Now, if they are on a soapbox, then they're open to counters. If they come by my door, and I'm in a mood, I'll have a round with them. One doesn't press one's political views on other people in public, one mind's one's own business - and one protects one's rights, jealously. People with nothing to express believe in self-expression. People who are maturally mentally control themselves in public. Self-control makes for a superior society.
Religion is one of those things I view as a personal matter. People who aggressively seek to "share" it with others, like dropping leaflets on others door steps, I view as being disrespectful. Lets use the Amish as an example, they're about as christian as it gets, and they aren't imposing their views on others. I'd prefer they all behave like the Amish, and keep to themselves, for the same reason I'd prefer fags keep to themselves.

If they're aggressive, then by all means, one has a duty to go after them. If they're simply canvassing or out in public, what they do is their business. If they're being overtly political, then yes, I will go after them if what they are doing is socially destructive, as it often, but not always, is.
Part of the reason we're in the situation we're in is because of christians imposing their religion on others. If they want to be christian, I don't care, just don't bring it to my doorstep.