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Dawn Cannon

Earlier in September:


Look at these scum.

What an inviting target.

They belong to the left and have come from outside Calais, many of them have, and believe that by calling themselves anti-Fascists, they have carte blanche to attack anyone who speaks out about immigration, or any topic they happen to support. They have the right to shut down debate and shout down everyone by labelling them as “Fascists.” But I think we know they are fakes. They are all about control of any opposition by any means. They are as active here in the UK as they are over there in France. In fact, these vermin often travel from country to country.

If they fancy themselves defenders of freedom and light, why the masks and hoods?

Just the sight of these filthy bastards makes me see red.

Just so ya know. This all really started because residence of the city complained that the govt. was not doing enough or maybe nothing , with the ever-growing numbers of these lice in their town. There seems, to them, to be no control.

They are right. And it shouldn’t matter but ... not all those demonstrating against the immigration policy in their country, are of the right. Some have no politics at all. Or they didn’t until now.
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