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Whether slavery was beneficial or detrimental to the growth and expansion of civilizations past or present is open to question. (Personally, I believe slavery was indeed beneficial to mankind in the sense that it created a leisure class which otherwise would've been hampered by ant-like toil and thus too busy, too exhausted to engage in intellectual and artistic pursuits ultimately benefiting humanity.) But the abolishment of that "peculiar institution" in the West has never been fully appreciated by those freed, nor by the emancipators themselves.

To the best of my knowledge, in 6,000 years of recorded history no race of people has fought one another to free those of a different race as Whites did during the American Civil War; a war which was, in US history, far and away the mostly costly in terms of lives lost. Now if such a fratricidal conflict did in fact occur at some time, somewhere on the globe it's news to me. But if I'm right, it's reason enough to question just why this little known fact has never been brought to the attention of the American public; why there's absolutely no discussion of it whatsoever in the classroom or the media. My theory? I strongly suspect this tidbit wouldn't quite cut it with the leftists in charge of propagating disinformation on American campuses and in the homes of the grossly misinformed; it would be a monkey wrench tossed into the agenda. And it just may give the impression that us racist, honkie-ass motherfuckers aren't so evil after all. Worse, it just may put "reparations" on the back burner, and those shiftless black bastards in Washington pushing for yet another free lunch courtesy of the White man just won't stand for that at all...will they?
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