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This too:

American slave owners, to avoid risk of injury to their pricey primate property, would often hire Irishmen in dire need of work to take on hazardous jobs that were deemed too dangerous for the slave to perform; some of these desperate men did in fact lose life or limb in the process. And the poor bastards were paid peanuts for their efforts because of the job discrimination they endured. "No Irish Need Apply" placards were plastered on factories and storefronts nationwide, north and south.

It appears northern abolitionists didn't give a flying fuck about those de facto White slaves in their midst; but they did whine over the alleged tribulations suffered by those of an inferior race; one that was/still is biologically suited to manual labor and had it better in America than they did on their home continent where they ran just as much a risk of being enslaved by their own people. What, were these primitives with the lowest intelligence levels of all peoples on the planet expected to become captains of industry or inventors of the next wheel?
SJW's do not care about facts, only their own agenda. Even the 19th century ones.