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Allan Grimson:

A GAY serial killer has admitted murdering a teenage sailor - but is refusing to help police find the body.

Former Royal Navy petty officer Allan Grimson confessed to killing radio operator Simon Parkes, 18, who disappeared in Gibraltar in 1986.

Grimson, who was jailed for life last year for two other murders, has drawn rough maps for police showing the areas where they should search, but refuses to identify the exact location.

Simon, from Gloucestershire, was on shore leave in Gibraltar after a Far East tour on HMS Illustrious when he vanished.

Grimson, 42, has hinted that two other men might be buried nearby. A police source said: "He has given us details of how he killed Simon Parkes because he's been persuaded that this young man's grieving parents have a right to know the truth and give him a proper burial."

Grimson, who was in the Navy for 22 years, was given two life sentences for murdering naval rating Nicholas Wright and barman Sion Jenkins after they rejected his homosexual advances.

He told police he would kill again and boasted that murder was better than sex.