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William MacDonald (the Mutilator) was classed as Australia's first true serial murderer. MacDonald was born in Liverpool, England, in 1924. Between June 1961 and April 1963, MacDonald terrorized Sydney with a string of gruesome murders.

MacDonald's modus operandi was to select his victims at random (mostly derelicts), lure them into dark places, violently stabbing them dozens of times about the head and neck with a long bladed knife, before severing the victims' testicles and penis.


Years before his killing rampage, MacDonald was enlisted in the army and transferred to the Lancashire Fusiliers. One night MacDonald was raped in an air-raid shelter by one of his corporals. At first he felt bad about what had happened. But soon after he realized that he actually enjoyed the experience. It was then he realized that homosexuality was an option. He eventually became an active homosexual, soliciting men in public toilets and pubs.