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Default Niggers and Spic Rape Disabled Girl in Cedar Hill School Bathroom

When I was a baby, Cedar Hill, TX was 100% White, a small town with brand new subdivisions being put in place, for Whites fleeing Dallas crime.

Now it is full nigger, not sure the percentage, but very few Whites, it is mostly niggers.

"..Three Cedar Hill teenagers are accused of raping a mentally disabled classmate in a restroom at their school, police records show.

Sylvanus Lanier, 19, Marco Garcia, 17, and Elijah Willis, 17, each face a felony count of aggravated sexual assault in connection with the October rape, court records show.."

Don't fear puttin your kid is school with Sylvanus, I'm sure he's truly a good keid.

Look at this scum:

^^They're calling them 'teens'...Sylvanus is 19 fucking years old!! He's a grown man.

The other two are 17. These apes are basically grown, being treated like teens who just had a rowdy day repeatedly raping a retarded classmate they've probably known for years.

These days that is the equivalent of stealing milk money in 1955, I guess.
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