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Emily Henderson
Default His 'Pastor' Begged for Mercy.....

Fuck you, rev.

Her family was far more subdued than I could imagine.

Whites need to stop being 'merciful' to this trash, the life in jail is after the fact---but these beasts should not be here to take your daughter off when she's returning a movie. Planet of the Apes. We have to wait till each Lil Wayne kills before we can get them off the streets.

Dad needs to realize: you spent your life in Dallas, and you moved to a nice White area---niggers followed, and took your little girl.

You'll never feel 'safe in your community' from praying.

We need a White country to live in. Not one corner of the earth will be left un muddied if we don't grow in power/brevity, and that's starting to happen but it's not enough. Need a powerful lobbying group and laws that protect our interests, and a space that is nig free.

"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier