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White Law

“Make yourself a better person; make the world a whiter place.”

A sound mind is a precondition of life. To possess a sound mind one must develop it. The seven pairs of rights in the above table are amplified below in terms of their meaning and function in the conduct of a right, white life:
1a) Concentration – ‘concentrate your forces’ – Sun Tzu; without concentration energies are scattered and if energies are scattered no necessary force can be mustered to achieve an objective. This applies in the physical as well as the mental realm, and all deliberate action is a result of deliberation which requires concentration, mental focus. Lack of concentration in life is a vice, its possession the cardinal virtue, as without no effective action can be undergone to fulfill the 14 words. The consequence of a failure to concentrate one’s forces is insanity, the padded cell, or assassination by the kosher lapdogs of J.O.G.
b) Balanced faculties – related to the above is the ethical imperative to create or maintain a holistic consciousness, for ‘thought without action is sterile’ and without healthy instincts and sound intuition (which comprise the ‘common sense’) no amount of intellectualism is adequate to bring into reality a plan of action conceived in the ivory tower removed from an involvement with the nitty gritty of practical life. In order to function in practical life the common sense must be developed to a sufficient degree and not left to stagnate through living a dreamer’s life of intellectual pipedreams. The propensity to be over-analytical/unemotional (left-brained) is ‘male imbalance’, that of being under-analytical/over-emotional is ‘female imbalance’. If the head is to remain in the clouds, the feet must remain on the ground and the eyes directed at the target.
c) Creativity – for all activism one must have a sufficiently plastic mind to adapt themselves to circumstances. This requires creativity. However, one’s creativity must not become overly dogmatic outside of a basic understanding of Natural Law and the ethical imperatives of a White Law, e.g. 88 precepts, 14 words (of David Lane), creativity credo, etc. Adaptation is a creative enterprise and creativity enables effective action as well as providing fulfillment in life especially when directed towards ‘the survival, expansion, and advancement of the white race and the white race alone.
d) Judgment – This is the province of reason, the faculty of discrimination – what J.O.G. wishes to stifle and hamstring through its imposition of egalitarian dogma through the classical conditioning process of the Jews’ media/indoctrination system (public school). To have sound judgment enables one to judge of the consequences of one’s actions. Indeed the faculty of reason (in Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason) is called ‘The Causal Judgment’, the faculty which is the reflective capacity to determine that certain prior states (causes) lead to certain other states (effects), e.g. the crime and poverty in black areas being causally related to their biology and the converse in white areas. Failure to discriminate is to partake of the disease of
irrationalism which embodies itself in the political form of liberalism (see ‘Universalist Psychopathology’ by the author): ‘judge thee not’ is the vice of White Law and its converse judiciousness is its virtue.
e) Mentality – the above presuppose a certain degree of mental strength and weakness. Mental weakness occurs through the following means: i) failure to cultivate/maintain mental strength (lack of training and employment); ii) genetic defects brought about through a) degenerate lifestyle (alcoholism, drug-ism, poor diet or being of a sub-race, etc.). The cards fate has dealt one must be played to the best of one’s ability which is destiny. This mental cultivation should serve the 14 words and not lead to an imbalance of the faculties. This is Mosley’s ideal of the ‘thought-deed man’. The application of knowledge to a case is wisdom which is virtue. Living life in intellectual cloud cuckoo-land is folly which is vice. To train the mind see the reference section in ‘WHITE LAW’ under ‘Mind’.
f) Mood mode – given the fever pitch of political strife which inevitably entangles the activist and which galvanizes the inactive, how one views himself and the world greatly influences his ability to function within this whistling tea kettle of controversy. All the slanders, vilification, and scapegoating he must endure creates an atmosphere in which depression, anger, and apathy can occur. Negative self-talk or self-understanding is a nail in the coffin of the white race. One cannot love one’s own race without loving himself and this is a precondition of effective action (going beyond oneself) as one must be in a state of inner harmony to uphold the truth and defend the right. Self-sacrifice is paramount but self-annihilation ill-conceived is of minimal use to the white race. Value yourself for what you could be and do, not for what you are or have been(see ‘Lifestory of a Heterosexual White Male’, by the author).
g) Truth – to uphold the truth one must first know the truth. Honesty is virtue except when dealing with enemies and truth is the substance of honesty. Intellectual honesty and being of true heart (making the truth your own) work hand in glove to smash the enemy whose power is based on a foundation of lies and hypocrisy (self-misunderstanding, a failure to practice what one preaches),etc.
In sum the mental qualities which are essential possessions of a healthy member of the white race are: concentration; balanced faculties; creativity; sound judgment; strong mentality; positive mood; honesty amongst allies and to himself.
2) A sound mind does not exist in a vacuum but rather is metaphysically entangled with a sound body – ‘kill the body and the head will die’. Thus a sound body must also be developed in tandem with a sound mind. The subsection ‘Pflicht Zur Gesundheit (obligation to be healthy)’ in the ‘WHITE LAW’ explains in detail a general program for dynamic health above and beyond that of either burning out the body or undertraining. It purports to be not a mean between two equally false extremes but the capstone in the pyramid of ‘Salubrious Living’.
The virtue of a sound body thus lies in neither deficiency (undertraining) of exercise nor of excess (overtraining). It lies in sufficiency and efficiency (most amount of work in the least amount of time) and thus is what is necessary to overcome a condition of untermenscheit (sub-man-ism) and attain the condition of ubermenscheit (superman-ism). General parameters further detailed in ‘Pflicht Zur Gesundheit’ follow:
C) rest: adequate (proper time, place, way)

D) work: i) right: briefer, intense, hard within training session, and lighter active relaxation outside.

ii) wrong: prolonged, unstressful within session and none outside.

E) diet: food is fuel furnishing one with micro/macro nutrients and energy not a decadent indulgence (food porn):
wrong: gluttony; starvation; omitting any macronutrient below 15 per cent of total calories (e.g. very high (80, 10, 10) or very low (keto) carb diets), excessive protein above 20 per cent of calories. (See the author’s ‘Hell-th’ for examples of extremism).
3) To maintain a sound mind and body (the person), sanitation is key. The subsection of ‘WHITE LAW’ ‘Plict Zur Gesundheit’ (‘obligation to be healthy’, a creed of the 3rd Reich) amplifies the following general parameters of ‘Salubrious Living’:
wrong – intoxication (intox): e.g. drug-ism, alcoholism, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, etc.; any external substance not conducive to long-term health or more immediate emergencies (e.g. amphetamines, caffeine in combat, epi-pen for stings, etc.)
right – detoxification (detox): e.g. fasting (water, fruit, etc.), sweating, heliotherapy, etc. (also see the book ‘Salubrious Living’, Arnold Devries).
Without proper sanitation, i.e. minimal intoxification and optimal detoxification (neither too intense nor too prolonged) the body accumulates toxins within and generates dis-ease states which, without the necessary detoxification methods leads to chronic ill-health and dysfunctionality of the mind, body, and its organ systems resulting in inevitable accelerated aging and premature death.
5) As a useful member of the white race living within the bounds of White Law, adequate and appropriate employment also known as ‘work’ is the life blood which courses through his veins, the absence of which renders one a corpse whose inevitable fate is a rigor mortis of inactivity and as Mussolini said, ‘Inactivity is death’. Thus one either employs one’s faculties or they atrophy which results in death.
a) quantity – the proper quantity of proper work amounts to industriousness, its converse to lethargy or sloth and to the above state of a premature death through stagnation. Overwork amounts to drudgery which leads to an inharmonious life and inevitable burnout where work exceeds rest preventing recovery.
b) quality – the quality (proper form) of work is necessary to avoid the above fate also as ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – improper work being neither fulfilling nor meaningful and thus leading to an inharmonious condition within one’s life, a failure to fulfill one’s destiny his proper life path. The work one does in fulfillment of the 14 words must be contributory to not be parasitical upon one’s own race. Jewish parasitism practiced by many bourgeois white-collar workers (real estate agents, business owners, insurance people, etc.) is anathema to the proper functioning of a healthy society and is a type of work which must be proscribed and condemned through the appropriate means (in many cases the ultimate penalty). Contributory
work improves both oneself and one’s own kind and creates minimal harm/loss and maximal help/benefit for both the worker and the larger community.
6) Appearance: In conducting oneself in the world and even remaining apart, out of the public eye, one’s appearance has a significant influence on his mind, body, and conduct modifying how he is treated by others and how he treats himself (self-esteem, creating one’s own reality, etc.). The appearance one has could be dichotomized into the extremes of modern (vice) and traditional (virtue). The former (modern) encompasses such signs and symbols of degeneracy as tattoos, piercings, scarification, superfluous body modifying surgeries, ostentatious, and inharmonious clothing (pink shirts for men, navy blue for women, Day-Glo, etc.); foreign to their purpose, comprised of artificial/synthetic material (nylon, polyester, etc.). The latter (traditional) form of appearance comprises an athletic build without any external adornment or hairstyle which has no functional simplicity; appropriate dress e.g. black at a funeral, white at a wedding, etc. made of natural/organic fibres. However the costume or uniform of the enemy should be adopted when necessary doing any undercover work or when necessary to shift attention from oneself and facilitate one’s actions or as a coping mechanism in a work environment, etc. This measure should only be adopted when necessary and not serve as an excuse to fall into a degenerate lifestyle. Self-respect and appearances are inextricably bound together; whatever clothes one wears he should to some extent distance himself from his external appearance and not entirely identify himself therewith.
7) Ethics – without purpose or compass for one’s health of mind and body he is merely a healthy marionette on a string held by external – and usually malignant – forces (the mind control of J.O.G., the mass mind of the brain-polluted, etc.). One must ‘become a real live boy’ and ‘choose his destiny’ through embodying a sound ethic in mind and body. Only thus can he become an authentic man within the White Law which is the particularization of natural law for a white man just as the particularization of natural law for a wolf is Wolf Law, those conditions under which a wolf thrives (virtue) and in absence of which ceases (vice). Virtue is thus intertwined and bound up with survival and existence which itself necessitates not the corpse life of a pacifistic yogi awaiting death (ahimsa) but the struggle that perpetuates the continuance of oneself and one’s own kind in an ever-evolving upward climb. This is thriving in contradiction to mere subsistence which latter leads to entropy inevitably resulting in decay and death. ‘All life is struggle’, ‘peace is death’, increase and thriving is moral, extinction (pacifism) is immoral.
Self-denial is virtue only when it conduces to the thriving of the collective and to the Higher Self. This is True Love as opposed to the False Love of universalism which proclaims transient emotionalism (good feelings) as a moral absolute – ‘maximize pleasure, minimize pain’. The syllogism(deductive argument) ‘all life is struggle’, peace is the absence of struggle’; therefore ‘peace is death’ is the formula for virtue.
Section 2: Others: One’s conduct in dealing with Others, those beyond the Self, the ‘not-Self’ being either one’s own kin (fellow whites) or those not of one’s kind (non-whites). Herein kin relations will be discussed with greater emphasis. It is sufficient to say of non-whites that they are tools at best (and typically dysfunctional ones at that) and implements of war against oneself at worst and more usually. Minimizing all contact and relations with non-whites is an essential element in Right White Life and is the cornerstone of White Law, namely racial loyalty in contradistinction to racial treason, the source of all strife within the White Race and which enables the fostering of greater problems and harbours the threat of extinction. The perfidy of the Jew would be of no force and effect if the White Race traitor did not exist, selling out their own people to the Jewish money power for personal profit and egotistical virtue-signaling through supporting non-white invasion (‘immigration’) and freebies (‘foreign aid’).
4) Racial Relations: Inclusion of racial foreigners is thus racial treason and both are an egregious wrong. Out- group altruism is a perversion of natural law and thus the subversion of White Law when whites benefit non-whites without greater benefit accruing to themselves as a collective. The exclusion of racial foreigners is virtue as this maintains the purity of the blood through maintaining a homogenous population within a defined territory thereby preventing race-mixing, the death knell of racial preservation from which no return is possible. This fundamental law of blood and soil is the bedrock of a sound society for nothing stable can be built on the shifting sands of volk chaos.
5) Family Relations: Within the greater family (race) there is the smaller family, that of one’s own immediate blood kin (mother/wife, father/husband, and children). Without the family unit the greater family cannot exist and without this the smaller family ceases to exist. Indeed as the Jew knows and practices to destroy the family is to destroy society, which is the motive he has to impose his cultural subversion – to strike at the root of society, of the White Racial Tree.

5) Spouse: Without sound breeding (eugenics) based on sound mate selection no family unit can last given an incompatibility of character between husband and wife. Hence the ‘SS family creed and mate selection guidelines’ should be followed as well as the subsection of ‘WHITE LAW’, ‘Sexual Strategy’. What is wrong in sexual relationships can be seen in the Jews’ subversive influence via feminism wherein the woman is established as an untouchable goddess before whom the male must prostrate himself before in order to be ‘tolerated’ with thinly veiled contempt. Modern/anti-natural sexual roles usurp those of traditional/natural roles and the nuclear family unit is fragmented in a nuclear explosion of normative inversion in the following ways:

5) unnatural partnerships: aside from feminism/cuckoldry, partnership swapping/adultery is another source of cleavage which splits apart an otherwise natural and loyal union.

6) where there is no loyalty there can be no stable bond. Whatever children may be born they could be contaminated through telegony (genetic transference) from the mother who has become infected with the DNA of foreign men. Thus the children may be genetically altered to become non-whites themselves and
all at the expense of a harlot! This behaviour of course being tolerated by a weak male (cuckold) renders him contributarily liable to his punishment of ostracism from the larger society(See the author’s ‘Postmodern Love’).

Needless to say, another form of unnatural partnership is that of interspecial/racial mixing which is simply taking the guesswork out of the former profligacy and attempting to create bonds of adamant out of baling wire and string as no genetically incompatible types can create anything other than an amalgam of degeneration.
Typically it is the morally weak of the whites who cultivate the noxious weed of race- mixing, however many of the overly intellectual elements seek rebellion through this means as a way of virtue-signaling to prop up their anti-natural creed of egalitarianism. The unnatural acts of sodomy and lesbianism are quite obvious forms of impossible union and children raised within this crucible of vice invariably become perpetuators of these anti-family family values and/or are mentally debilitated becoming dysfunctional members of society creating more strife through their behaviour, an outer form of their inner corruption(eg. gender blending).

The right form of white family life is that of racial purity spiraling to ‘be as white as you can be’ and evolve one’s self through oneself in union with another kindred soul for the creation of a being who supercedes both of his forbears as a synthesis of their union.
Both monogamy and polygamy fall within the province of natural law and its extension, White Law, natural law applied to and embodied by the white race. Polygamy as the best deserve to produce the most in accordance with eugenic upbreeding and the betterment of the collective.

As with the vice of adultery above so too in the case of pre-marital sex among women as they are the carrier of posterity and thus can be genetically contaminated by the seed of foreign (or any other) mate. For this reason more sophisticated traditional cultures proscribed premarital sexual relations especially for women as a means of maintaining the genetic purity of their kind. This ‘stigma of Cain’ visited upon offspring by profligate mothers curses their offspring with incompatible DNA which leads to the consequences spoken of in ‘Middle Eastern Madness’, a treatise on the psychopathology of race-mixed being (Jews and Arabs). See also ‘White Shrapnel’ for further discussion(both by the author).

The evil fruits of these unions are the hybrid type who serves as the antithesis of those of the pure. A marriage license is not a free pass to license but must be granted through self-discipline else a marriage is not a marriage but merely an economic contract or an evil union. To ensure the proper functioning of a sound union of an ideally racially pure
nature, a mutuality of aid and respect must be fostered in accordance with traditional roles neither the inversion of femdom nor the heavy handedness of patriarchal abuse but each unto each according to their natural capacities.

6) Children: Aborticide or ‘abortion on demand’ outside of the exceptional cases of rape and genetic defect constitutes the vice of ‘murder’ or killing unjustified by Natural Law. Thus prudent decision making is a necessity in deciding whether a child should be borne well in advance of the process of insemination/gestation/conception. Ideally the union between man and woman should be undergone under pristine natural conditions with the couple both being in optimal health (detoxed and well- nourished) for at least one year and the process undergone under ideal astrological conditions (time of year, alignments, etc.) corresponding to that couple whose compatibility should be well tested in advance. So too the children must be raised in optimal health and natural conditions (see ‘Pflicht Zur Gesundheit’ subsection of ‘WHITE LAW’), parental abandonment often occurs through incompatibilities untested in advance of commitment, leading to psychological/circumstantial problems in the offspring such as poverty and dysfunctionality.

Throughout the development of the child proper pedagogy is necessary not the modern influence of ‘pedophilia’, the aborted brainchild of liberalism (and the Jewish influence). Pedophilia here means not only the sexual perversion of adult-child sex but the unwarranted emotional outpourings (falsely called ‘love’) of the modern parent who ‘spares the rod and spoils the child’ lacking the requisite discipline to ensure the proper development and offspring to ‘come out from mother’s petticoats’ and dependency, ultimately becoming independent and a functional member of white society. Both extremes of parental abandonment and parental coddling are to be eschewed in favour of the tough love of rationally planned parenting. Teaching children the practical wisdom necessary to function in life as well as developing their faculties through learning languages formal (math, sciences) and informal (dead Latin, living: whichever is of practical value). Mental training should be combined with physical to balance the faculties creating the next generation of sound minds in sound bodies, the complete authentic person whose (white) existence corresponds with his (white) essence.

6) Sexual Relations: following from the above family relations of procreation is the role of sex outside of conception and meaning of sexuality for the partners both jointly and separately. Natural relations are virtuous relations and these consist of the white magic of tantra which serves as a means of alchemical transmutation of the lower self into the higher self and proscribes the black magic practice of sodomy, BDSM, and various harmful forms of ritualism (autoerotic asphyxiation, bestiality, injury, etc.). The anti- natural practice of gender electivity/fluidity is also proscribed in White Law. This is fine for other species/races as it undermines their survival which latter is a threat to the white race in its own territory,
deviant forms of self-identification always serving to harm oneself. Walking the ‘straight and narrow path’ of sex/gender correlation is the surest recipe for the fulfillment of the 14 words wherein (physical) men are (psychological) men and (physical) women are (psychological) women. In terms of autoeroticism chronic masturbation is especially harmful in terms of neurology as well as depletion of vital minerals and even the components of nerve tissue (see ‘Sexual Strategy’ for more details).

7) Property: Hegel’s ‘property philosophy or right’ provides the template for a sound understanding of property ownership and its necessity as a mechanism of self-determination through which the ego (self) can go beyond itself into the external environment (things as ‘chattels’ or tangible, moveable property and land and buildings attached to the land, ‘real estate’). Thus the ego (self) attaches to itself that which is extraneous to itself which yet becomes incorporated into itself reflexively. Thus to violate the property of Others is to violate themselves (an attack upon the king’s men is an attack upon the king himself’), and to respect the property of another is to accord them respect.

According to John Locke to mix one’s labour with the soil is the necessary condition of ownership de natura. Thus usury – the accumulation of property through interest, creating something from nothing – is a vicious practice as it is not based upon effortful action by an agent who would thereby legitimately acquire or create this title of ownership but is merely theft, the taking of the property of another through exploiting need (loan sharking, mortgages, etc.). Property is a necessity for the fulfillment of a sense of selfhood binding the inner man to the outer world. However limits to property are prescribed by the needs of the members of the community of which one is a part and this is what differentiates property ownership in WHITE LAW and liberalism which latter is boundless and concerns itself only with abstract individuality (possessive individualism – the person being considered only in his economic aspect dirempted from his biological racial nature, ancestral tradition and homeland – blood and soil, race and place). The property owner under national socialism and fascism has regard for the property of the community as a whole (parks, etc.) contributing thereto and using his property to serve the community to the extent that is necessary for its preservation. However the individual’s property rights are inalienable outside of those qualifications. No property tax should exist as this violates the absolute rights of property ownership. Also income tax should be abolished as through the establishment of the corporate state, all members are as a bundle or rods surrounding an axe.(eg. “Manifesto for Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money” Gottfried Feder; “The Corporate State”, Mussolini)

8) Citizenship: the nature of citizenship in modern societies is that of an abstract individual who theoretically has no distinction from other citizens and is endowed with equal entitlements and minimal obligations other than through economic means as a tax slave. In real terms it is the bourgeois class which overarches all others and lives an entirely exclusive life living at a remove from others and having no contact with them save in a hypocritical, token way (e.g. glad handing for votes). Thus citizenship is largely meaningless which leads the unfortunate class of citizens to look upon ‘the government’ as an evil exploiter of
themselves as economic units which they have been reduced to (‘Spring Comes Again’, Jorian Jenks). Contrast this classist liberal democratic model of citizenship with the equally onerous one of communism/Marxist which often masquerades under the banners of ‘social democracy’ and ‘neo- liberalism’, etc. Within this illusion the citizen is merely a voiceless proletarian serf who is ostensibly a part of the ‘community’ which purports to be inclusive but in reality is more exclusive than the liberal democratic as controlled by a more restricted group of elites (Jewish Commissars). Both forms of state are inorganic/artificial and either exclude the citizens from real involvement in society so they are atomized or forcibly integrated through threat of the lash which distorts their true identity and substitutes it with a fictitious creation of the social planners through media and state indoctrination centers (schools). A holistic rather than a classistic society such as in national socialism and fascism enables citizens to have a place suitable for themselves and to base their identity on their role and function in society not merely abstract individuality. If a political system doesn’t give adequate freedom to the citizens for self- determination then it tyrannize upon them in their essence and nature through preventing them from cultivating their innate abilities. In such a holistic system the duty to others doesn’t exclude the duty to self but both mutually support one another as the bundle of rods surrounding an axe. The citizens are not simply dependent on the state for their existence (welfare, police state) nor total independence as drifters and dropouts, but participate in relations of interdependence (mutual aid and participation) and independence (privacy, home life). In order to possess rights in the state the citizen must perform duties for the state in order to earn status as a citizen.

9) Animal Relations: Animal cruelty and wanton exploitations (CAFOs) are clearly a violation of the harmony of existence and proscribed within White Law which supports a minimally harmful exploitation of animal life without sacrificing the life of the humans through nutrient deficiency in following vegan or vegetarian diets (see ‘Hell-th’ by the author). Given that life entails death and the preservation of both oneself and one’s own kind as part of nature is nature’s imperative, the slaughter and use of animals for their body tissues (food, clothing, etc.) and for their utility (seeing-eye/guard dogs, horses, etc.) is a necessary fact of creating a sound mind in a sound body in a sound, sustainable society.

Section 3: Environment: Given that a sound mind, a sound body, and a sound society cannot exist save within a sound environment, the natural conditions within which one dwells must be appropriate to establish a harmonious and holistic basis for achieving this state, the fulfillment of one’s earthly destiny through the parameters of White Law.

d) Ideology: Thus it is especially important to attain to a proper understanding of one’s relationship to the natural world such that the artificial world of human society can naturalize itself to correspond with the harmony of nature. Most environmentalists in today’s society having never lived amidst nature outside of recreational vacations from their desk jobs are quite simply divorced from nature and ultimately reality itself. From the minds of such utopian dreamers emanates such conceptions as ‘sustainable development’, ‘smart meters’, ‘carbon taxes’, and the gamut of other tenets of false environmentalism.
With such a strange map as guide, the Judeo-Freemasonic architecture which is developed on its basis necessarily crumbles to ruins and nature defaults the artificial world that is out of harmony with itself into collapsed civilizations. Serving as a useful tool for the hidden elite the modern environmentalist implements the party line with fanatic religious fervour shunning and annihilating all opposition to their naïeve dogma. Their heroes such as David Suzuki (a crypto-Jew hybrid), Al Gore, et. al, are slavishly bowed before as messianic figures ushering in the new golden age. Environmentalism in its current guise is merely a green façade for communism, global government under the UN ruled by Jewish Commissars former bankers and is thus false environmentalism.

The true environmentalism is embodied in those ideological-political creeds of national socialism (Richard Walther Dare’s ‘Blood and Soil’) and fascism (Jorion Jenks). These two creeds are the politicization of Nature Law adjusted for time and space, which is to say its implementation through the article of human ingenuity. The following points contrast the true and false environmentalism as well as the anti- environmentalism of vampire capitalism/earth rape, which latter exists as a function of the Jewish psychology (see ‘Middle Eastern Madness’ by the author).

e) Population: In order to exist in harmony with nature a population must be no larger than the environment can sustain. Within White Law this means that white population which the entire earth can sustain as the whole earth is its inheritance over which it has stewardship, failing which only destruction and savagery exists. Within the mass of global population a certain lebensraum must obtain to enable adequate space for the psychological health of the population. Accordingly the crowding of urban environments must be replaced by the reconquering of the land as pioneers with homesteads and small population villages. Needless to say the racial heterogeneity of contemporary urban centers, its ‘volk chaos’ must cease and this through exclusion of racial foreigners, a policy of rassen hygiene and eugenic upbreeding. This would ensure harmony amongst the people who would thereby harmonize with the environment.

f) Place: From the city of artificial ill-health to the serenity of rural and semi-urban topography away from the ‘fleshpots of Egypt’ and sprawling slum, to the hardy countryside.

g) Water: Water being essential to life it must be maintained in its purity with no extraneous substances – from birth control pills to chlorine, sewage and industrial waste it must be rendered pure of contamination. The washing water should be as clean as the drinking water – no foreign substances. To purify the water, ozone gas, ultraviolet light as well as charcoal and ceramic filters should be used, not hazardous chemicals. Drinking water should be distilled. The waste through watering lawns, golf courses, and excessive showering and laundry must be curtailed in place of which organic gardens, treed parks, and natural hygiene.
h) Agriculture and food: The Jewish biotech companies such as Monsanto and Viterra which create desertification through earth rape, the overfarming of the land and usage of GMO seed (Frankenfood), must be eliminated with their tribal masters and replaced by small-scale mixed farms run by local families or those given farmland for free with the contractual obligation to use the land for rotational crops letting the land rest one out of seven years to ensure optimal fertility and nutrient-dense food. Permaculture thus replaces agribiz for ‘sustainable development’. Confined animal feedlot operations (C.A.F.O.s) would be substituted with free-range poultry and grass-fed/finished quadrupeds humanely slaughtered. In place of ‘cides (pest/herb/inorganic fertilizer) only natural substances would be used such as manure, etc.

i) Sanitation: One of the obligations of the citizen would be vigilance in environmental stewardship, citizen clean-up crews and weekly voluntary service would be mandated with all citizens from the mayor to the washerwoman being conscripted. Littering and unreplenishable exploitation of the land (clear-cutting, mining, hydrofracking, etc.) would be heavily punished with jail terms and or execution depending on the severity of the offense. Reforestation of the environment and community management of resources would be the responsibility of all.

j) Community Defense: In order for the environment to be protected the community must have the power to enforce same both against internal and external threats (racial foreigners or those who were ostracized from the community). Accordingly every citizen would carry a self-defense weapon proportional to if not greater than that which could be carried by the enemy which would depend on contemporary technology (without being a weapon of mass destruction threatening to the community as a whole). Military training would be a presence in the life of the citizen–soldier from birth and all citizens would be given the opportunity to fulfill stringent requirements for licensing as police. Thereby the community would be protected without the element of tyranny bound up with a monopoly of force by professional police and military.

Within ‘White Law’ a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment would be assured as best as possible adjusted for the particular circumstances in which it is implemented ensuring a whiter, brighter world, an existence for our people and a future for white children. Failure to adopt this law through Authentic living – living in accordance with one’s own white nature – precipitates the chaos of civilization we are faced with today – that socio-political reality which represents itself as the bearer of the standard ‘equality, sorority, democracy’ but which is in reality a tyrannical despot that sounds the death knell of white civilization and ultimately civilization itself.

Adherence to the laws of nature is inevitable and those rebels without a cause who would seek to create a world in their own image build castles in the sky which fall upon their heads. Wiser people seek not to buck the system but to harmonize with it and improve themselves and their folk through it.


When We must live THEY must die
When they draw first blood
There is no turning the other cheek
When they wish to kill you
There is no co-existence
When you are cornered
There is nowhere to run
When you are the victim
There is no truth to their vilification
When they give you no peace
There is war ever-lasting
When they make unjust demands
There is a demand for opposition
When There is No Morality
There is no moral imperative
When morality is anti-nature
There is nature's imperative
When the game is zero-sum
There is no armistice
When one's life is the other's death
There is no compromise
When there is war
There is no peace
When we must live
They must die
Bellum omnia contra omnes
This is RAHOWA !