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Originally Posted by alex revision View Post

Belgian State Security warns of a potentially new and worrying phenomenon in the country: civilian guards in cities and municipalities that patrol to protect civilians
Roy Batty
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August 20, 2018

It occurs to me that as bad as things are…they could get worse. If the shitlibs and the Jews have their way with things, that is.

I’m going to keep a close eye on Sweden and the UK to see if my suspicions are confirmed or not within 18 months time or not.

But the next logical step… wait a sec, let me illustrate it for you.

Destroy Nationalism — Atomize People — Outsource Jobs — Destroy Family Unit — Shackle Population with Usurious Debt — Being Importing Replacements — Arrest Anyone Who Objects — Genocide Natives Once Tipping Point Reached — Hand Over Government to Immigrants.


You got it right, Roy Batty, this is ZOG's Shit Coloured Revolution.
The Bloodbath is Coming
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