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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
but . . their race aside ( ) , so you like females dressing up as nurses . . . .

A while ago I did a thread ( ) which more or less drifted into some kind of sexual analysis.

Yes , it HAS been proven that men tend to like females dressed up like a certain profession . . .

Nurses , waitress ( maiden ) etc . .

I think there always is a strong bond between nurses and their male patients , even if only emotional.

Some kind of fetish.

As for waitress ( maidens ) . . .

. . it would appear some guys get a good feeling out of the thought of a female serving them . . .

Subconscious , maybe ?

Anything which provides you with stuff ( beer , food . . .)

A waitress "serves you your dine" . .

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Well a lot of nurses are young and hot looking. I mean would you rather have a fat sheboon nurse?

I mean the red star hats look cute because of the way they wear their hair. I don't like it when Moranbong cuts their hair short. Lately they let it grow out more. I like Jo Kuk-hyang's long hair in the hat.