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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
From link:

The family of a severely disabled woman have spoken of their devastation after a caregiver at a Florida facility was arrested accused of getting her pregnant.
Willie Shorter, 58, was arrested Wednesday on charges of lewd and lascivious battery on a disabled person after Dawn Blanchard, now 43, gave birth in 2015.
Her dad Robert said Dawn - who has the 'mental capacity of a small child' - would call from a Bridges group home in tears, USA Today reports.
Robert said: 'My feelings inside me are pain. A lot of hurt. I expected my daughter to be taken care of, most of all by professionals.

'He's a filthy, vile rat. My daughter got assaulted by an individual who felt he could take a young lady and use her like a piece of meat. I'm extremely angry.
'I don't know how many times she was assaulted before he slipped up.'
Dawn broke down in tears at a press conference where she did not speak except to say she 'hated' Shorter, of Rockledge.

Dawn - who suffered brain damage as a young girl due to measles and also has epilepsy - still lives at the center in Rockledge as her family could not afford to move her, WPBF reports. They say she cannot consent to sexual conduct.
Her dad Robert now cares for her three-year-old son, Robert III, after Dawn's brother adopted him.
Robert added: 'He hugs on me like an octopus holds on to fresh food, because he knows his Pop-Pop. He has a smile that will brighten the world.'

They can't afford to move but they can afford to take care of the nigger's sprog!!! WTF is WRONG with life forms like this?????

I'm fucking SICK of shit like this!!!!!
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