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Weasel writes in one of his books of an experience at one the camps that shoots down everything he preached against Nazis. He said he was 17 years old and working in a factory while at one of the labor camps. He had an accident on the job and broke his leg. He then relates how he was in the hospital with this broken leg for over a month after surgery. Supposedly, during this down time, he began to organize a lot of his future ideas.

So.....wouldn't the evil Nazis have shot him on the spot where he fell with a broken leg? Seventeen years old, no particular skills, and worst of all, a kike. You mean to say that they wasted a hospital bed, a surgeon, food, medicine etc. etc. etc. There were plenty more sheenys where he came from. These bastards can't even keep their own holohoax bullshit lies in order.