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THE LEO FRANK TRIAL centennial articles by Bradford L. Huie (1913-2013) made into audiobooks years later

Leo Frank Trial Week One

Leo Frank Trial Week Two

Leo Frank Trial Week Three

Leo Frank takes the Witness Stand

Leo Frank Trial Week Four

Closing Arguments of Reuben Rose Arnold (for the defense of Leo Frank)

Closing Arguments of Frank Arthur Hooper (for the state's prosecution)

Closing Arguments of Luther Zeigler Rosser (for the defense of Leo Frank)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Closing Arguments of Hugh Manson Dorsey (district attorney of Atlanta)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Judge Leonard Strickland Roan's Charge to the Jury

* * * * *

Leo Frank Guilty of Murder, An Audiobook series of Bradford L. Huie's 100 Arguments Why Leo Frank was guilty (The American Mercury).

1) Leo Frank Guilty of Murder, Part 1 of 3

2) Leo Frank Guilty of Murder, Part 2 of 3

3) Leo Frank Guilty of Murder, Part 3 of 3

* * * * *

Tom Watson Centennial (2015) AudioBooks (Originally from The American Mercury and produced by Bradford L. Huie).

Meticulously studying the efforts of Jewry and how they work tirelessly, to control the narrative of history, this rough quote never made more sense:

"Who controls the present, controls the past. Who controls the past, controls the future" --George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984 (published in 1948).


"Card stacking" is choosing some facts and leaving out others, and arranging them to suit your purposes. What you get is a house of cards built over lifetimes, which is unstable by its very nature, and destined to fall if grains of truth fall upon it.

This idea of card stacking explains why Jews use the Jenga tower game scheme to dominate the popular culture narrative of history, which simply means, they take a pro-Jewish position on any historical event related to Jews (even if the evidence is against them), and then each year, decade and generation thereafter, swarms of credentialled Jews all over the Western MSM (mainstream media) and academic world, write about the Jewish subject with one interchangeable echoing voice of self-defense, ego-safety, public relations (PR), and selective editing. Thus, using nepotistic citations, references, and bibliographic sourcing, Jews then quote and use each other's materials as the foundation for which to build on, re-writing each other's works over time, but using different synonyms and adjectives, while maintaining the same message outcome. After a century of building their web of lies, Jews have totally controlled the diachronic storyline of every historical event which pertains to themselves and Gentiles when it relates to them.

The overlapping nature of Jewish activism in the academy and news media continues.

The Mary Phagan murder case is no different in the above-said paradigm because her killer was Jewish serial child molester Leo Frank who was a B'nai B'rith chapter president. Frank was a German-Jew, so the Hasbara propaganda machine takes its advanced shape in modern times, standing on the shoulders of their judeo-activist predecessors of the past. Jewish activist professor Leonard Dinnerstein took up the mantle of controlling the narrative of the Frank-Phagan case in the academy from 1966 until he retired many decades later and passed away in January, 2019. There were waves of Jewish supremacists who wrote about the case before Dinnerstein, and New waves of Jewish supremacists who overlap his time in existence, carrying on the torch of Jewish supremacist propaganda. Every year, new Jews and old Jews, step forward to write about the case, and proclaim his innocence, while blaming the darky for the crime and accusing Whites of anti-Semitism with relation to Frank's hanging.

The Judeo-Mythology of Leo Frank

The Jewish web of lies strategy is conspicuous with regards to the Leo Frank Case being retold in the news media. Their narrative for Frank is he was a holy religious martyr of anti-Semitism "wantonly murdered" and a Jewish-American civil rights icon whose "mob-terrorized conviction" galvanized the founding of ADL -- Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Frank, the Jewish mythology propounds was "undeniably innocent" of the Phagan rape-strangulation on Georgia Confederate Memorial Day in 1913. Jews go to great lengths to suppress the open secret that Leo Frank admitted at his trial he was at what the prosecution theorized was the scene of the crime when the murder happened (the metal room). Frank, the Jews continue ceaselessly, was falsely accused, because the "Blood of a Negro was not enough to atone for the murder of Phagan". I couldn't believe my own eyes until I read their books on this true crime.

Imagine the psychopathic mental gymnastics Jews must do to contort their minds, for them to be able to effortlessly promulgate the idea that racially conscious European-American Protestants in segregationist Atlanta of 1913, would knowingly pretend a deadly sexual predator Afro-American, was magically not guilty of defiling, mutilating and suffocating a White Baptist little girl, just so they could intentionally railroad an innocent Jew. Think of how disgusting the architecture of the Jewish mind must be to be able to push the above idea with a straight face and actually believe their own pathological lies. Jews are truly the most dangerous force Western Civilization has ever seen to be able to push this, or adjacent and parallel kinds of compulsive lies, concerning all aspects of their history. But with time their compulsive lies, become their standard narrative of history with which they repeat going forward. They are so brazenly sloppy and get away with it because no one calls them out for fear of being labeled: anti-semite.

The Jewish version of the case continues as:

At a sealed-testimony Grandjury tribunal, Frank was unjustly indicted, followed by framedup at a Kangaroo court, Salem witch trial, and wrongfully convicted by a "terrorized jury" using the "hang the Jew death threat hoax directed at the petit jury". Moreover, the keystone cops and rogue district attorney, who made it all happen, were hotheaded White Christian Protestants, and they were in an unholy alliance with a guilty semi-literate black killer-rapist (a homicidal black sexual offender whom they essentially let off the hook with 1-year in prison). This is the literally the barebones Jewish narrative of the Leo Frank case from the 4-month time segment of his arrest to conviction.

In the monolithic Jewish dominated narrative of American history, populist U.S. Senator from Georgia (1920-1922), Tom Watson, is very often accused of being the impulsion behind Jewish homicidal rapist-pedophile, Leo Frank, getting lynched on the 17th of August, 1915. The lynch mob was made up of the leading citizens of Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia.

Jews and their goyim sycophants have built a centenary mythos in the trifecta of Academe, Hollywood and Broadway -- basically the Jewish supremacist propaganda industrial-complex -- orthodoxing the idea Watson ignited the flames of anti-Semitism against Frank through his press organs, Watson's magazine, and the Jeffersonian weekly newspaper. With regular inflammatory reporting and analysis, Watson is said to have stoked Gentile blind rage in the multitudes, brewing-up an A-team lynch-party, which assassinated the "innocent Jewish civil right icon" Frank, not because of his ghoulish sex murder, but because of his religion, Judaism. Jewish activist Steve Oney likened the lynching mob to a state-sponsored hit squad because it included a former Governor of Georgia, state congressmen, sitting judges, mayors and some of the leading men in Atlanta-Marietta social circles.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth when we apply common sense to the circumstances surrounding Leo Frank's demise.

First, every level of the United States legal system from the Georgia Supreme Court to the United States Supreme Court rejected Frank's embarrassingly frivolous appeals, despite his having the best legal minds money could buy at the time. At every step of the way, Frank had teams of big money lawyers behind him, men who were well connected.

Second, if the prominent citizens of Georgia's government and society, who constituted the Mary Phagan vigilance committee were motivated by anti-semitism, they had easy access to literally thousands of Jews in Atlanta, they did not need to drive in a caravan of eight automobiles, some 300 miles round trip, on circuitous, pothole-ridden back roads, to retrieve Frank from a penitentiary in the middle of bumble-phuck, Georgia (milledgville, Ga.).

Third, Governor Slaton -- who commuted the capital punishment sentence of death by hanging for Leo Frank to life behind bars -- owned 25% of the law group which represented Frank at his trial and appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court. Slaton had committed the ultimate sin of corruption and ethics violations, commuting the death sentence of his law partner's wealthy criminal client, Frank. Slaton's action was an unspeakable betrayal to the Georgia and U.S. constitution, he should have been disbarred for the egregious act of using his executive privilege to nepotistically save a pedophile sex killer from the gallows. But as everyone knows today, as they knew a century ago, we live under a two-tier system of justice, one for the rich and one for everyone else. In this case, the Governor commuted the death sentence of his own lawfirm's client.

The truth is this: Tom Watson was only articulating what everyone in Georgia was thinking and talking about concerning the Leo Frank trial. I ask everyone with an open mind to listen to all five of these 21st century audiobooks, produced at the centennial of Leo Frank's lynching (1915-2015).

You decide if Tom Watson's description of Jewish media control is accurate then, as it is today more than a century later.

You decide if Tom Watson's analysis of Leo Frank's behavior and physical features accurately reasonably describe a man who looked like a bisexual pervert and pederast.

You decide if Tom Watson's analysis of the Leo Frank trial is fair, reasonable, commonsensical and logical.

Please listen to these five audios, and you decide if Tom Watson was a crazed and deranged anti-Semite as the Jewish supremacists claim, or was he a brilliant man who explains the impossibility of Frank's innocence?

Watson's Magazine, 1915, issues: January, March, August, September, and October.

January 1915: The Leo Frank Case

March 1915: A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case

August 1915: Celebrated Case of State of Georgia versus Leo M. Frank

September 1915: Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert

October 1915: Rich Jews Indict Georgia the Whole South Traduced
Jews have aggressively dominated the false narrative of the Leo Frank Case since 1913, but as of 2013 you can finally learn everything the Jews have tried to censor & suppress at The Leo Frank Research Library: