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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
Ill never forget what a Russian ex-pat friend who I would trust with my life said me years ago when I prefaced a sentence with "well, Russians are Whites ...." he cut me right off cold and said "No ...Russians are Russians."
But he did not mean that Russians are superior to all other nations.

You are correct, if the jews were killed off tomorrow most of the anti-semites of today in the West would become anti-Russian.
Nikolai Danilevsky (1822-1885) explained this phenomenon of Russophobia to the fact that the West feels in Russians a different core, which it cannot subdue or use as material for its development.

I said most, certainly not myself.
Very good

I dont agree with you about the no global change part if the tribe were wiped out tho, that goes against reason.
I just finished one discussion and I wouldn’t like to start another discussion.
Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
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