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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
Such questions are the responsibility of the forum admins / moderators. And I’m not interested in trying their patience.
I'm talking about difference in views, it's not about moderation.

I don't like and don't hate them. I consider them as subspecies of the human species.
At least don't tell me their lives are somewhat valuable for you:

Whites do not make up some kind of unity. Their whole story is a confirmation of this thesis. I mean constant wars between nations which make up this hypothetical unity.
It's not matter of unity, it's all about Jewish murderers of the White race.

Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
But all the other races (yellow, black, red) also do not constitute unity. Even their smaller parts (Slavs, Semites, Germans, the Turkic peoples, etc.) also do not constitute unity. Currently there is unity at only country level.
May I ask you question: who are Whites for you?
SF (((Serbians)))

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