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Originally Posted by GoldfingerSRB View Post
I'm talking about difference in views, it's not about moderation.
I may think about my views anything. However, our conversation takes place inside the forum.

On the forum, it is admins / moderators who determine whether opinions go beyond what is acceptable or not.

At least don't tell me their lives are somewhat valuable for you:
The lives of creatures belonging to my species are valuable to me. This circumstance does not negate the fact that there is intraspecific competition.

It's not matter of unity, it's all about Jewish murderers of the White race.
You said you wanted to find out my views. In this case, you do not find them out but you are arguing with them.

May I ask you question: who are Whites for you?
"White" is a term from the theoretical apparatus of theories of racial superiority. These theories arose as a result of the adoption of the ideas of humanism by Western society.

Under the domination of the ideas of humanism, it was necessary to explain why it was possible to make slaves and cruelly exploit other people (due to the fact that it was in the era of great geographical discoveries, most of these people were non-white).

I take into account the fact that there are people with very different skin tones on the Earth. But for me it makes almost no difference.

It would be better if you yourselves figured out what "White" means to you. It seems the range of opinions on this subject is very large. Some users include the concept of "White" Russian and Slavs, some users include in this concept only Germans and Anglo-Saxons (excluding Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, etc.)
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