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Originally Posted by GoldfingerSRB View Post
I hardly imagine someone too far from WN view to be banned here especially if he is Russian.
I do not understand how your imagination can affect the abilities of moderators.

Do you really have in your views something to worry about?
I donít worry about anything because I donít have a goal to stay on the forum at any cost.

No, I don't believe in theory all people belong to the same species neither I agree with the point of color difference to be invented by slave traders "to exploit poor african slaves"
I'm not going to open a debate on these topics.

After all I hope you don't consider yourself to belong to the same race with the majority of Hindu people, for example.
For me, no matter what race they belong to.
Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
Piglet said that the best place would be somewhere where a Heffalump was, just before he fell into it, only about a foot farther on.
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