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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
I do not understand how your imagination can affect the abilities of moderators.
Why so scared of moderators? Decent white people have no problem here.

Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
I donít worry about anything because I donít have a goal to stay on the forum at any cost.

I'm not going to open a debate on these topics.
After you've demonstrated abnormal activity on this site, especially in least viewed sections like personal blogs, I don't get your goals on this forum now. I expected you to be one of us, but now it turned out you have so much opposing views on virtually all key questions (from feminism to race) that you feel embarrassed to talk about it. Nobody would ban you anyway, it's just illogical.

Maybe you want to evolve and to became one of White Nationalists like we? Obviously it's not enough just to love Vladimir Putin and to reprint articles from site (anyway I read it daily), you have to share something in common with us. When I asked you whether you agree to eliminate the Eternal Jewdom, I expected your answer like "fuck yeah!", as if you'd like to stab those kosher bitches like glorious Russians did before 1917. In reality you say the race doesn't matter for you, Jewish plot against White race is a joke and life of any living being matters for you.
SF (((Serbians)))