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Originally Posted by GoldfingerSRB View Post
Why so scared of moderators? Decent white people have no problem here.
I already wrote: "I donít worry about anything because I donít have a goal to stay on the forum at any cost."

But I do not want to play other people's games in particular in your game.

You call yourself my friend, but you don't behave like a friend.

After you've demonstrated abnormal activity on this site, especially in least viewed sections like personal blogs, I don't get your goals on this forum now. I expected you to be one of us, but now it turned out you have so much opposing views on virtually all key questions (from feminism to race) that you feel embarrassed to talk about it. Nobody would ban you anyway, it's just illogical.

Maybe you want to evolve and to became one of White Nationalists like we? Obviously it's not enough just to love Vladimir Putin and to reprint articles from site (anyway I read it daily), you have to share something in common with us. When I asked you whether you agree to eliminate the Eternal Jewdom, I expected your answer like "fuck yeah!", as if you'd like to stab those kosher bitches like glorious Russians did before 1917. In reality you say the race doesn't matter for you, Jewish plot against White race is a joke and life of any living being matters for you.
It began with the fact that I wanted to find some English-speaking forum to more immerse myself in the language environment. And I started looking for some kind of common forum for all. Such non-specialized forums are not rare in Russia. For example, one of them was called Happiness, and the other was called the Meaning of Life. People of various ages, genders, professions, beliefs met there and discussed various topics.

I started looking for a similar English-language forum. But all the forums that I found were highly specialized. These were forums for car lovers, little girls, blacks, Mormons, etc. Finally in the process of searching, I came here.
I saw a bird, but I realized that this is not a biologically specialized forum. I looked at several topics as well as section titles and they did not seem suspicious to me. I thought that I found what I was looking for and registered here. When I came here the second time I began to more carefully read the topics and realized what kind of forum.

And then I had to decide whether to leave the forum or stay on it. I decided to stay on the forum. I had several thousand of my photos of Moscow and Zelenograd and I thought that they might be interesting for you. In addition, I had a great experience in Russian forums and I thought that I could stay out of conflict with forum users.

Initially, I did not plan at all to open here numerous topics about Russia.
But comment of Squarehead Chris: "It's great these days to see so many things about the real Russia. I'm a child of the cold war, so for my generation, we were fed a non-stop stream of heavy handed propaganda about Russia, it's people and it's culture." - - changed my plans and I decided to post more information about Russia.

I was an apolitical person and did not read Putinís speeches and didnít know who Maria Zakharova was. I had not previously heard many works of Russian classical music and have not seen many pictures of Russian artists also I was not interested in cosmonautics.

I have to say Thanks! to the forum and those who supported me for that.

I tried not to annoy users of the forum with my different views, I tried to avoid conflicts with them. And so it went on until you ďmy friendĒ appeared here.
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