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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
I was an apolitical person and did not read Putin’s speeches and didn’t know who Maria Zakharova was. I had not previously heard many works of Russian classical music and have not seen many pictures of Russian artists also I was not interested in cosmonautics.

I have to say Thanks! to the forum and those who supported me for that.

I tried not to annoy users of the forum with my different views, I tried to avoid conflicts with them. And so it went on until you “my friend” appeared here.
You don't need to get sucked into political arguments to enjoy being a member of our forum, just keep on doing what you're doing here and ignore the agitators.

I, for one enjoy having you here and so do many others Alex.

Haha could say you, a Russian national got an education on Russian art and sciences on VNNF.

Hells bells man!