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Originally Posted by Sean Gruber View Post
Everybody has enemies. Russia has multiple enemies.

But the jews are the enemies of everybody.
I no longer intend to continue discussion on this topic.

The enemy of mankind is, per nature, a deeper, more serious enemy than some Tartars riding across the steppe centuries ago. That's merely normal tribal warfare in chaotic times.
The Tartars were not the last of those who came to us.

The avoidance of race as explanation, in favor of Marxistical economic explanations, is so worn-out as to be not worth discussing at all. Marxistical economics / class analysis etc. is like alchemy, or psychoanalysis. Resort to it is trolling.
I did not want to present my views on the forum precisely because the majority of users can consider them trolling.

However, GoldfingerSRB deliberately initiated this process and stubbornly contributes to its continuation.
Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
Piglet said that the best place would be somewhere where a Heffalump was, just before he fell into it, only about a foot farther on.
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