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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
However, GoldfingerSRB deliberately initiated this process and stubbornly contributes to its continuation.
I just asked whether you agree to eliminate the Jews. Who knew you hate racism and hitlerism so much? Believe me if I was aware you're such an apolitical and anti-racist person, I wouldn't bother myself by asking you.

I already wrote: "I donít worry about anything because I donít have a goal to stay on the forum at any cost."
You're certainly contradicting yourself after being terribly worried about possibility of ban here, although nobody is gonna ban you. Besides your story about search for linguistic experience does not hold water, there are plenty of universal English communities online where your views would be most appreciated and welcomed, like infamous Reddit site.

I agree with T.Garrett that we can turn a blind eye to your anti-racist and de-facto liberal mindset only because you're Russian, but it'd still be better if you accept our ideas and become one of us.
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