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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
Then I just answered you. So why is the topic still going on?
Why should it be now closed immediately because you want to hide your actual views?

Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
Can I hope that you will remember these words of yours?
It doesn't matter already since the topic has been started. There is already no excuse of friendship, cuz we're here to fight for the race, all prejudices must be kept away.
Excuse of being mistaken sounds ridiculous, should we use swastika avatars and forum caption "Soviet veteran were rapists" to get it visible?

Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
Could you give me a list of them?

Do you know the forums with the structure of the forum is completely analogous to VNN?
Should we google the "list of vbulletin forums" for you?

As a friend I can suggest you site which has similar visual structure, pro-Russian admins and total lack of racism, fascism, hitlerism (everything you hate)

I can be your friend as long as you have intention to become of us though.
SF (((Serbians)))