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Default Kevin MacDonald, kikesucker

[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. --- Thomas Jefferson
What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races. --- A. Lincoln, July 17, 1858
[I]f the White man in our country settles down to live side by side with the Negro, on any terms, it can be only a matter of time, and not a long time, until as a race he will cease to exist. This would be true even if the Negro still labored under his old disabilities, and if all the old barriers to miscegenation were still in effect. It would take longer, but it would inevitably happen. Segregation could somewhat delay the catastrophe; it could never suffice to prevent it. And as things are now---with the way to integration and to race-mixing laid wide open, made smooth and easy, and pleasant and even profitable, and with White people behaving like a drove of stupid sheep, being tricked, kicked, goaded, and whipped into accepting and following it---the disaster must come swiftly.
--- William Gayley Simpson; Which Way Western Man?
Now a nation is a natio, a group of persons who are racially and ethnically so closely akin that they could be described ... as all the descendants of an eponymous ancestor. And given the territorial imperative of mammalian life, a nation must claim a specific territory as its own.
--- Revilo P. Oliver; "Europe's Future"
Here is what must be done.

First step: segregation.
Second step: expulsion.

Kevin MacDonald querulously babbling on Red Ice:

"I was on the Left at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s."

"I'm not a southerner, and I don't have sympathy with segregation and all those things.... I don't want to say that civil rights was a horrible thing...."

So Kevin MacDonald wants to prevent Aryans from having a nation. He wants to keep Aryans from having a chance to survive for long.

Instituting segregation would be wicked. It would be so incredibly cruel, heartless, and sadistic to force the congoids to live among themselves in their own communities and to attend their own schools. But why in the world would that be so horrible? Why would it be torture for them not to be able to infest White communities? The answer can only be that it is because they are so abysmally and subhumanly inferior to Aryans that left to their own devices, they would sink down into the depths of worse-than-chimpanzee-like savagery and squalor.

In February 2014, a hotel in Anambra, Nigeria, was closed down after two human heads wrapped in cellophane were discovered at its restaurant that had been serving human flesh.
The judge said that she had yet to meet a 12-year-old Black girl who hadn't been raped, often by her own father, and stated that, as a White woman judge, she was expected by her Black male colleagues to appear for sex at hotel rooms upon demand.
In Africa today niggers quite commonly trade a wife or two for a goat, cow, or other more valuable animal. They often give away their children, sell them for a small fee, or use them in [deadly] sport.
--- Revilo P. Oliver; "Divinest Poesy"
The savages of Africa ... find the spectacle of a human being under torture simply hilarious. And when they see a blinded captive with broken limbs squirm as they prod him with red-hot irons, they laugh with glee---with a merriment, a real merriment, that is greater than the funniest farce on the stage has ever excited in you.
--- Revilo P. Oliver; "What We Owe Our Parasites"
Thus the "reasoning" of Kevin MacDonald must be that it is our moral duty to grant them "equality" because of their immeasurable inferiority.

And what is the gospel that taught Kevin MacDonald that it would be wicked for Aryans to protect themselves and to separate themselves from congoid apes? The teachings of the Franfurt School, which was Jewish.

Now whoever decides for you what is good and what is evil---whoever decides for you what is sinful---is your god.

The Jews are Kevin MacDonald's god.

So Kevin MacDonald spits in the faces of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Simpson, he spits in the faces of all of our ancestors, and he reveres the Jews.

In 1954, it was an unethical conspiracy of the Jews Felix Frankfurter and Phillip Elman that fooled the Supreme Court into ordering an end to school segregation. But that probably doesn't bother little Kevin in the slightest. He "knows" that when "evil" is being opposed, judicial ethics don't matter.

Martin Luther King's widow ... ran away from the Black community because Black criminals were too much of a threat to her safety.... Isn't it incredible that Black people who are too dangerous to live around Mrs. Martin Luther King ... are considered safe enough that White children can be thrown into classrooms with them. --- Don Advo
To little Kevin, it is far more important to make negroes happy than to protect our children.

Black Panther Quanell X ... blamed the 11-year-old girl for being raped by 28 black males. (Trayvon Martin)
An abstract description such as that doesn't allow us to grasp the enormity of such crimes.

WARNING: If you cannot endure the graphic description of the imagined gang-rape of a little Aryan girl, stop reading now.

A dozen congoid apes are eagerly awaiting their turns and watching the negro who is raping her.

Every time the congoid ape thrusts, the little girl's cervix is struck a searingly painful blow, causing more agony than she has every felt before, more than she has ever imagined.

One of the negroes in the room is using his cellphone to call his buddies and invite them to join the fun.

The stain on the bedsheet made from the blood of her torn vagina is growing.

The little girl wonders why this is being allowed to happen to her. She can't understand why God doesn't save her. She can't understand why the White men of the community didn't protect her. They knew that she couldn't defend herself. It was their job to do that. Isn't anyone coming to save her?

One after the other, in never-ending succession, the congoid apes rape her.

And as the watching negroes see the little girl writhing in agony and hear her screaming, they hoot and laugh. The one with his hands clamped around her wrists, pinning them to the bed, is grinning broadly as he enjoys feeling her desperate efforts to escape.

When you have congoid apes in your society, you know that these rapes will happen. You don't know where or when, but you know that they will happen.

But sweet little Kevin is unswayed and untroubled by atrocities such as this; he hurriedly dismisses them as unimportant and irrelevant.

And when he thinks of how unswerving he is in his devotion to his Jew-created religion, he is exalted, quivering with the ecstacy of holiness and righteousness (as revealed to him by his Jewish gods). He knows that there is nothing sweeter on earth than he is; after all, he is so full of altruistic love and tenderness for congoid apes that he proclaims that it would be wicked to make it impossible for them to gang-rape little White girls.

The gang-rape of a few hundred little girls every year (and the eventual extinction of the Aryan race) is a small price to pay for the saintliness of a punk-pansy named Kevin MacDonald.

Kevin MacDonald: monster, traitor, and kikesucker.

Hey, Kevin. Listen up.

We're praying for your damnation.

Burn in hell.