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the reason everyone is on drugs is because they're so demoralized by faggotry and niggers.

every commercial is a black guy stealing the white woman from the white guy.

it's designed to make them mentally sick. everything is.

take away religion because opium is more profitable. plus it's illegal and they can put you in jail and take your property for it.

but of course, the #! reason you gotta fuck your brain up is to deal with the fact you are a slave and have to work everyday of you fucking life just to have shelter from the rain and a place to actually breathe, exist, take a shit, and have zero hope of owning a house in a non nigger infested area.

now all the poor areas are full of heroin addicts.

poor white people didn't used to be insane , tattooed trash. they were totally normal people, just with less money. now they realize they are viewed and treated as complete utter scum by virtue of class warfare.

class warfare is, and has ALWAYS BEEN the primary means of divide and conquering whites by the jews.

and it's not the poor people wanting socialism, it has ALWAYS been 'top down' by the rich white traitors, not just in white countries, that's how they controlled India, and all colonies. the rich traitor class trained to hate the poor, to rape them, bamboozle them, cheat them, victimize them in everyway, murder them.

it's not the attitude of the rich that creates the huge, unbreachable divide, it's the actions these people take, they are completely unforgiveable, and they know it. there could never be reconciliation with faggots who rape little boys, they are never going to take side of the poor because the poor are their prey, not their race