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James Radov
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James Radov

Sport has been a big part of my life since childhood, its something I always enjoy, but I do tend towards Sport is what you do, not sit and watch.
However pro-sports do exist and it is a major tool in the jew arsenal of both race mixing and anti-white.

Take my favorite sport, Football.. its basically become a way to promote niggers into European society. [real Football, not amerikwan shitty version of Rugby]

I recently saw highlights of Argentine-Germany.. Argi team is predominantly white with a few mestizos no niggers, the neoGerman team is full of turks and niggers.. right now several South American teams are whiter than any western European team, because if we have niggers muh football team will win something, so import 10million niggers.

When Francfrica wins a World Cup its always promoted in jew media as a "triumph" for race mixed society.. when a White team like Italia or Spain win same World Cup.. silence...

in an upcoming game, cucks from England will walk off the pitch if Bulagrian fans do racisums against the eng-niggers..LOL
theBulagrians should go all out vs the niggers, since walking off means forfeit and you lose,although rules must be changed if niggers have hurt feelings..

Its not just football, every sport will highlight niggers over humans..
some kike wrote that the only reason Tom Brady is popular is because of "white supremacism" and Trump..

Look at Boxing.. Lomachenko is probably the greatest boxer Ever!! he does things never seen and changed the entire sport, but being White hes no where near as promoted as a nigger would be.
In fact, in the current year, White fighters are dominating combat sports, but jewmedia will focus only on niggers
hugely popular Canelo Alvarez s a white mexican..

Worlds Strongest Man arguably the ultimate test of Alphamales is White dominated, but somehow skin color does not come into play until inevitably they have a nigger do well and them jew mouths will start a flapping about "the first black to..."

kikes turned Sports into an emasculation of whites and promo niggers.

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