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Originally Posted by Jeffrey Smither View Post
Women bosses can be the worst cunts and bullies. I had a couple of them.

One was when I worked at a hardware store after college because the economy still sucked. The fat cunt weighted nearly 300lbs and would degraded me everyday until one day I had enough and told her fuck it and walked out. My dog died the next day too. If that would have happened that day before or something and I was packing my heat she'd been eating a chunk of hollowpoint possibly. Most worst cunt boss I ever had.
Usually it's niggers who blow away their bosses or former bosses after the nigger was fired for being, well, a lazy, stupid useless nigger. We've all had our share of shitty bosses that we've probably wanted to kill, but none of them are worth going to prison over.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor