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Originally Posted by Gladiatrix View Post
Try working for kikes. Only one of them was a woman, and she sounds like yours, but was nothing compared to the men.

Back in grade school and junior high, there were bullies. Everybody was white. Compared to lots on here, I was lucky where I grew up.
I did for a year. Well it was a bank that was 8 branches and the owner of the bank was an old Jew. Well not super old like early 60s. Anyway he was the biggest cheap ass fucker I've ever seen. I hated Jews this but this made me go to an whole other level. Low starting pay, low staffing and no raises. Very stressful place to work.

Anyway, couple years after I quit the government took the bank over because the bank was in such bad shape financially. TJB. Typical greedy Jew bled the business dry.

This fucker would also drive by the branches late at night and if he even saw a spec of trash like a cup rolling around in the parking lot he'd call the head of maintenance and wake him up and chew him out!