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Greetings Rounder.
TAA looks great, Sir!
I've been working on the new ad for PODBLANC with Chain.
Perhaps U would b so kind as 2 forward this latest message 2 Varg.
It would appear he hasn't seen it yet.

Hejlsan Varg!
Ok I had a look...Looks pretty good up there.
However, after U mention that it'll b B/W, I made a few final important corrections
to the file, so here it is (final version):

Our cooperation will result in some far-reaching synergy effects.
U can b sure PODBLANC will cover as many of the MSN newsstories
generated by TAA-distribution as possible.

Thx again

PS: I hope this last edition will reach the printers. Sorry about the trouble.
I know U are busy working 2 get TAA perfect for print.