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Default Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom media coverage outside of the United States.

Canadian media sure lets us know when some skinheads beat up a gypsy somewhere in Europe. It will be educational for White Nationalists around the world and Whites in general to learn how this cold blooded torture, rape and murder became a non-story, a non-event, a hush crime.

Now that the trial has begun I checked to see whether this hush crime has received any media attention in Canada. I went to and did a search using "Channon Christian Christopher Newsom Cobbins 2009"
Even though I checked on "pages from Canada" the results still included web pages from the States. Very few links in the results and still absolutely nothing from MSM like or or or ...

The kidnapping, torture, rapes and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were totally silenced by all of mainstream Canadian media. Only a complete fool would believe that's by accident.
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