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Here is an article that mentions Channon & Chris:

When these and so many other black-on-white murders occur, we are told that race is not an issue. When whites kill blacks — and official statistics have these cases as being incredibly rare — we are assured that racism is everything. Actually, black men are frequent victims, but their killers are invariably other black men. The vast majority of murderers of white men are also black.

Poverty doesn’t explain all this. Certainly doesn’t explain the 2007 kidnapping, gang-rape, torture, repeated beating, stabbing, burning, and then murder of the young white couple Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom. The black gang who killed them spent hours ripping the 21-year-old girl’s body apart, and then slowly smothered her, after they had hogtied her and thrown bleach over her bleeding genitals. They forced her boyfriend to watch, and then repeatedly sodomized him and shot him several times before dumping his body.

When racism was alleged, those daring to use the word were themselves condemned as racists. Similarly now, when the rush to convict the Hispanic Zimmerman is criticized as being motivated by cheap race politics. Similarly, when only whites are charged with hate crimes, similarly when we pretend that there is not a crime problem with urban black youth, similarly when we blame the entire issue on the slavery or imperialism of 150 years ago.