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Default Orlando Cops Arrest Crying Six-Year-Old Girl

"Body camera footage released today shows the arrest of a Florida six-year-old last year that sparked national outrage and led to the firing of the police officer involved."

"The Orlando Sentinel reports:
After Kaia was placed in a police SUV to be taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center, Turner returned to the school's office and spoke to administrators, who were concerned about Kaia. He downplayed the juvenile detention center, saying it's "not like you think."

He told them he had arrested 6,000 people in his career—the youngest, to that point, was 7. When school employees told him Kaia was 6, not 8 like he thought, he did not seem concerned.

"Now she has broken the record," he said.

In fact, Turner arrested another six-year-old in an unrelated incident that same day."
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