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Fredrik Haerne
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Originally Posted by Hexe
The jew doctors decided that all babies in the US would be cut, thus minimalizing the chance that a jew could be picked out later.
I always make sure to have proof for everything I say about Jews (and boy, is there a mountain of proof!), so I have never said anything about Jewish control of banks for example, since I don't have statistics about it, and never said anything about them being the cause of circumcision in the U.S. and Canada, even though I have always suspected they'd be behind it ever since I first heard of it. After all, it seems pretty logical. In Vichy France, doctors would check young boys to see if they were circumcized or not, the better to rid the country of Jews. Of course Jews who want to blend in today would rather demand that everybody else change than that they have to do it. I mean, Jews, changing their ways? They wouldn't have survived through the millennia as a minority among host populations if they were prone to change.

Terrible, circumcision is. I hear it makes the penis less sensitive. But hey, if you've had it done to you, no need to hang your head about it. There are more important things to take care of. Just make sure your sons won't have any part of their bodies cut away, and you're fine.

And while we're at it, pretty pictures are best kept on paper, instead of burned into White skin. And little pieces of metal is definitely not something that should be stuck in human flesh. It feels good to be free of such things! Clean, you know.