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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post
Maybe the Jewish controlled government actually wanted it to go off so there would be victims that they could use to whip up anger and hatred toward anyone they call a 'neo-nazi,' etc., and Larry, Curly, and Mo screwed it up?
Or maybe the guy got tired of carrying a bomb around for hours while waiting for the parade to start, and decided to put it on a bench and then go take a nap somewhere.

I don't know, nutty people do nutty things, but you would assume that if someone plots to commit an act such as this, they would at least be smart enough insure that their plan worked flawlessly and that they covered their own tracks.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that someone simply wakes up one day and decided to make a bomb, throw it into an old backpack, toss in a few old sweaty T-shirts and a box of rat poison, and then leave it in a high-traffic public place that is about to be overrun by a majority of the thievingest criminal element our society has to offer.