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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes

Well, my challenge to publicly debate Roberto Muellenkamp on an archaeology forum seems to have failed completely due to his cowardice and utter fear of holding his incredible tall tales up to the scientific method. Please notice that none of his fellow funnyboy freaks over at holocaust controversies has the courage to defend their delusions here either. Typical.

Oh well. What I'll do is just keep posting all my updates of the "debate" on this forum, so I can keep a record of and show everyone what a total fraud Roberta is and just what a complete lack of any tangible physical evidence there is for the Treblinka holohoax.

BTW, this is what Roberta had to say when I challenged her to debate on VNN forum:

"VNN consists of Nazi fucks like yourself, Gerdes. I see you don’t feel comfortable debating out in the open and need the company of your buddies to give you moral support... Historiography is a science, if you ask me. Historiography’s approach to evidence is a scientific approach, which consists in working towards a conclusion by looking at all the evidence available and seeing how it fits together. What you call "science", on the other hand, has nothing whatsoever to do with science. It consists in distortion, misrepresentation and attempts to reduce the record of evidence to the category that you figure is hardest for your opponent to obtain – i.e. physical evidence – in order to push through conclusions pre-ordained by your ideological articles of faith."

You can just sense her utter fear of debating the Treblinka holohoax on a forum devoted to archeology and the scientific method, can't you?

I'll keep you all informed.