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Originally Posted by 313Chris View Post

The article itself is just more of the increasingly desperate nonsense from the Judeo-Left, and is barely worth reading or even skimming. But do check out the comments section -- smart, angry, white people taking the race-deniers to the woodshed. More than a couple of their rebuttals might well have been learned right here. This is demonstrative of how effective the internet has become in arming and honing white peoples argumentative defenses against Marxian bully tactics.
I tried, 313Chris, I really did, but I just couldn't make it through. The BS level was too intense. Even the comments ended up being unbearable: trying to sort the wheat from the insane chaff was too hard for this camper.

Your point here is the best: desperation, itz, jew-whine at deafening volume.

Life is short. Do not waste precious time attempting to argue with the jew. It has no wisdom to impart: only chicanery & lies. Amen.
No way out but through the jews.