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Originally Posted by TowardWewelsburg View Post
I have long held the belief that Hal Turner was an informant, a lunatic, or as it seems, both.

However, I must take issue with the paragraph above. The "most successful American White political group created after WW2" (presuming you mean the WPP) would not have been possible without The Silent Brotherhood. It's not as if RJM attempted to deceive Mr. Miller about the nature of the money he was donating: he admitted, without batting an eye, that it was stolen from ZOG banks. Miller willingly entered a "criminal conspiracy," or a "patriotic agreement" as he sees it, with The Order and its leader.
What Miller entered into concerning The Order is not in dispute. He willingly accepted money from them knowing where it came from. The problem began after RJM was assassinated by the feds and the rounding up of Order members began. As soon as they were arrested they sang like canaries telling the feds who they gave the stolen money to in the hopes of getting a lighter sentence.

Anything Miller did after getting fingered by The Order was perfectly justifiable imo.