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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
There is for me. His lawyers and family are certainly acting on his instructions. I have met Hal in person. He has precisely the bearing of the cop - bluff, hearty, loud, strong. It is easy for me to believe that he helped the FBI for free or for pay, in order to get money or thrills. He obviously is someone who makes no great distinction between fantasy and reality. That and his actions make him dangerous to the rest of us and our cause. You anonyms making excuses for him truly are pathetic.
It isn't a question as to whether or not Hal Turner was an F.B.I. informant, that has been settled. Who here is questioning that? People are merely questioning the capacity in which he acted. Is this not important or relevant? This is why people are holding back final judgment. I would hardly call this making excuses. Knowing how the jew likes to play, this is understandable. I would argue that those who rush to judgment without all the facts can be quite dangerous and easily manipulated. Isn't this how the jew causes in-fighting with ease?