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Supremacist zionist leader Nahum Goldmann, President of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the Claims Conference, warned of a worldwide campaign against Germany if the Bonn officials did not meet the zionist demands:

“The non-violent reaction of the whole world, supported by wide circles of non-jews, who have deep sympathy with the martyrdom of the jewish people during the NAZI period, would be irresistible and completely justified.”

Jewish supremacist Nahum Goldmann, a co-signer of the Agreement, was one of the most important and disgusting jewish figures of this century. From 1951 to 1978, he was president of the World Jewish Congress, and from 1956 to 1958, he was also president of the World Zionist Organization. In his autobiography, the German-born Goldmann recalled his role in the negotiations and the remarkable nature of the agreement:

My negotiations with German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and his associates, which culminated in the Luxembourg Agreement of 1952, make up one of the most exciting and successful chapters of my political career.

There hardly was a precedent for persuading a state to assume moral responsibility and make large-scale compensation for crimes committed against an unorganized ethnic group lacking sovereign status. There was no basis in international law for the collective jewish claims…[9]

In a 1976 interview, Goldmann said that

the agreement “constituted an extraordinary innovation in the matter of international rights”

and he boasted that he had obtained 10 to 14 times more from the Bonn government than he had originally expected.[10]

The Payoff for Israel

The agreement meant economic security for the new zionist state, as Goldmann explained in his autobiography:

What the Luxembourg Agreement meant to israel is for the historians of the young state to determine. That the goods Israel received from Germany were a decisive economic factor in its development is beyond doubt. I do not know what economic dangers might have threatened Israel at critical moments if it had not been for German supplies. Railways and telephones, dock installations and irrigation plants, whole areas of industry and agriculture, would not be where they are today without the reparations from Germany. And hundreds of thousands of jewish victims of NAZISM have received considerable sums under the law of restitution.[11]

Goldman said in 1976:

Without the German reparations, the State of israel would not have the half of its present infrastructure: every train in israel is German, the ships are German, as well as the electricity, a large part of the industry… without mentioning the individual pensions paid to the survivors… In certain years, the amount of money received by israel from Germany exceeds the total amount of money collected from international jewry – two or three times as much.[12]

As a result of the West German reparations program, wrote jewish historian Walter Laqueur:

The ships laden with German capital goods began to call at Haifa regularly and unfailingly, becoming an important – ultimately a decisive – factor in the building up of the country. Today [1965] the Israeli fleet is almost entirely “made in Germany,” as are its modern railway equipment, the big steel foundry near Acre, and many other enterprises. During the 50’s and early 60’s about one-third of investment goods imported into Israel came from Germany… In addition to all this, many individual Israelis received restitution privately.[13]

It is difficult to exaggerate the impact of the program: the five power plants built and installed by West Germany between 1953 and 1956 quadrupled Israel’s electric-power-generating capacity. West Germans laid 280 kilometers of giant pipelines (2.25 and 2.5 meters in diameter) for the irrigation of the Negev (which certainly helped to “make the desert bloom”). The zionist state acquired 65 German-built ships, including four passenger vessels.[14]
Follow the money and find out the real origin and aims of the Nuremberg mock trials and of the Holohoax itself…

The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann