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Prove That It Has Been Proven - Wager #1

Step one - answer the following simple question:

Is it - True. - or - False. - that Patrick Desbois has located at least 916 "holocaust graves" in the Ukraine??

Note: This will help you with your answer:

Step two - complete the following:

I, _?_ (full legal - VERIFIALBE - name), after thoroughly examining all the information in all the links linked to here:

and here:

am so confident that it has been proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that no less than _?_ jews died in the holocaust and no less than _?_ jews died in the holocaust within the holocaust (by bullets) in the Ukraine, that I am willing to bet _?_ (wager amount can be anywhere from 6 to 600 U.S. $) that I can prove there is a preponderance of conclusively documented and substantiated scientific / archaeological / forensic evidence that no less than 90,000 jews are buried in no less than _?_ of the 916 mass graves claimed to have been located - via the application of modern forensic practices on long-hidden gravesites - by Patrick Desbois in the Ukraine.

Furthermore, because I want to do all I can to put an end to holocaust denial, I agree to post my proof on a website approved by Greg Gerdes no later than _?_/_?_/_?_ - and defend it - without lying, dodging or obfuscating in any way, shape or form. I also acknowledge that the option of demanding that both sides prove to each other that they have the ways and means to make good on the amount that I chose to bet above is mine - which I _?_ (choose - or - do not choose) to invoke.

* Submit completed form to Greg Gerdes (Contact information can be found at the bottom of this link: ) and inquire about any other rules and regulations.

Note: Once the bet is accepted and submitted - any and all rules and regulations become set.

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