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Lawsuit portrays a culture of rape, sodomy and sexual harassment at the NYPD

By Tina Moore and Gabrielle Fonrouge
June 15, 2021

The NYPD is probing a former cop's claims that her superiors did nothing amid complaints that she was raped and beaten by her co-workers in a Harlem precinct.

A former NYPD cop was repeatedly raped, sodomized and mentally tormented by a cadre of officers over the course of five years but when her case was brought to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, they declined to prosecute, an explosive federal lawsuit filed Tuesday claims.

Maria Mendez, who last worked in the 32nd precinct and resigned from the department in January 2019 after a 14-year career, said she was raped by two officers, one detective and one FDNY firefighter and was regularly forced to ingest oxycodone, ecstacy and alcohol, her Manhattan federal court lawsuit claims.

Mendez said the “incalculable” amount of rapes she endured were so bad, she suffered “physical deformities to her vagina and anus requiring surgical repair” and she was left suicidal and suffering from anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder, the lawsuit alleges.
The suit paints a vivid picture of sexual abuse and harassment that ran rampant at the precinct where Mendez was not only regularly raped but was subjected to sexualized comments and requests by lietuenants and sergeants — and, eventually, deaf ears when she tried to report the crimes.

Lieutenant Julio Calle allegedly asked Mendez to “spoon feed him in his bed because she’s Dominican” and also asked to suck her toes while Sergeant Alfred Gallicchio is accused of taking pictures of a sergeant while she pumped breast milk — and then daring a subordinate to steal the milk and drink it, which he did.

Gallicchio, a union delegate, is also accused of asking Mendez to perform threesomes and making grotqeuse comments like “let me drink the p–y juice” and “I’ll lick your p–y all day” and other remarks about having sex with her.